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Surreal Sanity

Brooke Beyond Appearance

3 June 1991
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Hey special people! I've had my livejournal for some time, lol, but never got around to filling this shindig out. But I am now. So go me! My name is Brooke, I'm a teenager from that one state where it supposedly snows a lot..hmm. I guess more than most people. Lol, I mean states! Yes, people can snow. That would be interesting. I like writing poetry, singing even though I don't do it publicly or anything, hip-hop and tap dancing, wasting time on the internet, hanging out with my friends and meeting new ones, spending time with family and with myself, playing the clarinet, analyzing the ways of the world, peace jam, laughter!!, running, etc. I try to be an open and understanding person, and have a pretty high tollerance for people, or try to anyway. My goal in life is to become the best person I can be, and help people. I.E. perhaps peace chorps or things like that.I like my livejournal, and although I don't update it daily, try to update it frequently because it's fun. If you're still reading this, feel free to hit me up any time, it would be fun! If you're not still reading this, feel free to hit me up any time, it wouldI