Brooke (weaseldance) wrote,

positive affirmation exercise

Positive Affirmation Exercise

Three things I like about my physical appearance:
I like my hair. It is wavy and soft and naturally looks like I spent a long time on it.
I like my nails. They grow when I let them. This is something I am very proud of because when I was underweight they didn’t really grow.
I like my body shape. I’m thin but not sick. My legs are strong. I don’t get why I didn’t like my body. I’m grateful every day for my strength.
Three things about my personality:
I like that I genuinely care so much about people that I don’t even know how to turn it off. It gets me into trouble a lot, but oh well. If someone needs something, I keep them in my heart. I don’t judge people really. It’s not something I think to do. I like that. I like that I respect the Divine and everyone as a creation of the Divine.
I like that I laugh so hard I cry on a daily basis. I like that I find such joy in stupid things. I make myself laugh all the damn time.
I like that I enjoy using my brain, that I build puzzles in my free time, or read about rats or the science behind cricket chirps.
On that note, it’s been real, have a great day world.

Three goals I have for myself:
1. Stay awake. I've been doing a good job. It sucks because I feel negative emotions and I'm used to suppressing them, and it has been a little bit of a shock to my system, but at least I'm doing it, and have been doing it for about 4 months straight now.
2. Get back into the faith community. Somewhere, anywhere, get back into the faith community.
3. Start writing or playing music again. Somewhere, somehow, join a group or start writing songs again.
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