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Gratitude Day 1

November is the stereotypical gratitude month but I've actually been intending on doing a more formal gratitude journal for a while so I'm doing this exercise.

Who do I Appreciate?

I worship God for being God and the Creator and Sustainers of all things.

I appreciate my parents for giving me life, and for nurturing me in the best way they know how for as long as they have. I appreciate what they’ve taught me about the world and my place in it. They never accepted disrespect of others, never allowed me to settle for less than I can accomplish. They have taught me how to be strong and how to try my best to be nonjudgmental.

I appreciate Kaleigh for her ridiculous humor, her spiritual strength and genuine desire to connect with God, for her pure intentions towards the people around her, and for her laugh.

I appreciate SarahSutton for their loyalty, their unwavering determination to stay alive and to create a different path for themselves than what others expect, for their laugh and for letting me into their world and letting me be their favorite person.

I appreciate Nimer for giving me the humbling experience of not having words. I appreciate how alive I feel when I am with him, whether I am feeling anger or happiness or some overwhelming combination. I appreciate how strong-willed and bold of a human being he is. I appreciate who I am when I am around him, some vibrant combination of all the best and worst parts of me. I appreciate the day to day gratitude I never fail to experience as a result of him.

I appreciate Dean’s intellect, his positive spirit towards all beings, and his ability to say what’s on his mind. I appreciate his respect for me as an independent mind and soul. I appreciate his dedication to correcting things that aren’t working when he notices, rather than remaining in a defensive state.

I appreciate myself for who I have become. I appreciate how deeply I care for others and the lengths I’ll go for them. I appreciate my vibrant energy for life, and my desire to get the most out of my time that God has given me here.

This appreciation thing can go on for a while, I could write multiple entries and words. But here’s to gratitude entry day 1.
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